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2013 Monte Bello, Sept 21

Posted by on September 22, 2013



16 Scouts and 10 adults optimistically set out for an overnight backpacking trip to Monte Bello. Arriving mid-morning to a picturesque scene of misty clouds drifting over the mountains and a bracingly stiff breeze, the troop set out on a 2 mile hike to our campsite.

Little did we know that Mother Nature had chosen this day to make up for all of the rain that didn’t happen this summer.

Ably led by acting SPL Tavor Baharav, Troop 5’s first mile began auspiciously enough. Scoutmaster Gary pointed out local plant life as the troop made steady upward progress along the ridges. A light mist began as more clouds drifted by, thickening to a light drizzle as we neared the campsite.

At the campsite, the Scouts began to set up tents, and as if on cue, the skies opened up and the rain became a downpour soaking Scouts and sandwiches alike.




With the rain showing no signs of relenting, the Scout leadership decided that a “strategic advance to the rear” (I.e. retreat) was in order. After a hasty lunch, distribution of garbage bags as makeshift rain gear, and repacking of now soggy tents, Troop 5 made its way back down the trail to the parking lot. As if to tease us, Mother Nature eased back the rain, even giving us a glimpse of sun, before reopening the sky’s to a deluge of Biblical proportions.

Even though we were not able to complete our trip, special mention and thanks to the other adult leaders – Sri Juvvadi, Jayesh Shah, Vatsal, Sonecha, Sanjeev Shekhar, Feng Qu, Xiaolong Ouyang, Brian Fong, Ruby Cai, and Scoutmaster Gary Anwyl – for their good cheer and support under soggy and trying conditions. We hope this doesn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing you again on future (preferably drier) outings.

Edwin Oh, ASM

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