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2013 Hiker’s hut, Sam McDonald County Park, Mar 23-24th

Posted by on March 27, 2013

Reflections by Vish Juvvadi, Tenderfoot, 2013

On Saturday March 23 2013 the following scouts departed from Palo Verde to start our hiking trip- Bryan Chan, Daniel Qu, Derek Han, Jason Han, Joshua Wu, Michael Zheng, Parth Pusegaonkar and Vish Juvvadi.

The adults were Sri Juvvadi and Calvin Woon.

Before we started our actual hike the leaders decided that we were to go on the Big Tree loop that was one mile long. After the short hike was done we started to go on the actual route to the cabin we were staying at. On the way there the weather was in the 60F range. After we finished our hike of 1.5 miles we were surprised to see Mr. Enderby waiting to greet us at the cabin. When we got there we found out though that there was no water! All the scouts looked but found only a jug full. Either way the cabin we were staying was very nice as it contained two bedrooms, a living room [with a guitar!], a loft and a dining room. In the evening we got to see the very nice sunset. We also managed to make food without water. Late in the night luckily two maintainers came and fixed the water deal.  In the morning all the scouts worked together to clean the house very well. On the way back we had a 2.5 mile route back to the parking lot but just as we were going to leave we were surprised to find that Mr.Qu and Mrs.Hollister had come to give us water. We made it back to the parking lot without much activity.

I am sure all the scouts have learnt that sometimes trips will not go exactly as planned but you must find a way to work with it.

Reflections by Vish Juvvadi, Tenderfoot, 2013

Thanks to Joshua Wu’s Mom, Terri  Liu for her trip co-ordination.


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