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2013 Sunset Beach Aug 24-25

Posted by on September 2, 2013
Elkhorn 2013


At Sunset Beach we did many things. First off we arrived at around 9 o’clock at Elkhorn Slough. We prepared for the three hour kayaking trip, preparing to get into the kayaks. The least amount of clothes layers was around three or four, but some of us were wearing up to six or seven.

After listening to our guide for about 15 minutes we walked out onto the dock. We all got into our kayaks and practiced paddling around in them for about 10 minutes. After getting everyone into the water we paddled onto the beach. Our guide showed us the sand in the ground and how many holes there were. Each hole was filled in with an animal ranging from 1 ft hot-dog shaped worms that the sea otters ate to small crabs. While the guide was describing the bottom many harbor seals swam around us inspecting us to see if we had food. Then we paddled away from the shore and about 100 ft out we saw one of the largest rafts of sea otters in California.

We then kayaked under the bridge we drove over and further into Elkhorn Slough. We followed the right of the slough and saw many sand dollars, and sea stars. After, we crossed the slough and we went to the other side, getting there we prepared for a race all the way back to the bridge we came through earlier. Once we got there we took a break and prepared for the trip back to the dock. We paddled back seeing the otter raft and the same harbor seals.

After we finished putting everything away we had lunch and prepared to drive to the campsite. Once we got to the campsite we set up the tents and prepared for the night. When we finished we all agreed on going to the beach. At the beach we messed around in the sand and in the ocean. After about two hours we finally agreed to walk back to the campsite. Once we got back we took a short break before starting to make dinner. Our dinner was things like cup noodles and spaghetti.

After stuffing ourselves with food we walked back to where we could see the beach, we saw the tremendous sunset. There was barely any clouds in the air and the sun was causing the clouds that were there to be interesting colors. After the sun went down we headed back to the campsite to find a warm fire made during dinner to cook the potatoes we ate. We cooked marshmallows and after that we all went to our tents and went to sleep in our cozy sleeping bags.

The next morning I woke up to a morning campfire keeping the surrounding scouts warm. About 15 minutes after I woke up we started to make breakfast. We had the normal eggs, bacon, sausage, and hot chocolate to eat. After the meal we all decided to get ready to leave the campsite so we packed up and put out the fire. After, we did roses and thorns and we discussed what we liked and didn’t like, some said they enjoyed the sunset and others said they enjoyed seeing the animals and overall it was a great trip.

After roses and thorns we hopped in the cars, some of use decided to go to the beach and others of us decided to go back home. Sunset beach had been a great trip, starting out with kayaking and seeing all the animals. Then setting up camp, going to the beach, eating, and sleeping. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and would definitely do it next year.

Sunset Beach SPL,
Aaron Babian

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