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2013 T5 Montara Lighthouse, Montara, North of Half Moon Bay, Nov

Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, site of the Mavericks
Posted by on December 5, 2013

2013 Montara Lighthouse trip: Trip brief by Vish Juvvadi,  2nd Class Scout

Montara lighthouse, the destination of our trip.

Most of the scouts met up at Palo Verde at 11:00 A.M. We had the generic talk about the agenda and checked to be sure we had everything packed in our bags. We were not required to bring much because we would be staying in hostels with our own beds. Once everything was finalized and everyone was in a car at around 11:30, we departed Palo Verde and made it to Montara by around 12:40.

Once at Montara everyone took out their lunch and ate at the parking lot. However, we could not check in until 3:00 so our SPL [Senior Patrol Leader] decided it was time to go on a hike. Our hike consisted of many adventures as we often got lost, however we did get to see many great sites and views, we even spotted seals! One of our stops along the hike was a beach, we spent about 45 minutes there and many adults got to relax while the scouts played in the water. We wandered along for a couple of hours until it was getting pretty dark so the adults decided to go and get the cars. All the scouts were very patient and came back in an orderly fashion.

At around 5:30 we were at the hostel, all the scouts who came for the first time were blown away by the comfort that was provided. We had several rooms with 4-8 beds in each, 2 completely furnished kitchens and a comfortable living room with a movie playing. After dinner, which got done fairly quickly, many scouts found ways to pass time by playing board games that were provided.

At 8:00 we met up with the older scouts that were in a separate barn house and we went down to the beach and lit a campfire. The campfire was very relaxing but the cold weather made many scouts were anxious to get back to the hostel [with a heater], we put out the fire about 15 minutes after lighting the fire! When we got back to the hostel we had a very relaxing evening and most scouts went to bed at around 11:00 PM.

The next morning several scouts went down to the beach. Personally, seeing the crashing of the waves was incredibly relaxing. Later that morning the owner of the hostel had us clean the rooms and return any used items, this proved to be a challenge for some. We concluded by saying roses and thorns [favorite and least favorite part of the trip] and I think we can all agree on this being one of the best trips we’ve gone on.

Thank you to all the adults for joining us on this trip and making it so successful!
-Vish Juvvadi


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