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2014 Uvas Canyon Camping Trip, Almaden Valley, Mar 15-16.

Uvas Canyon,  Almaden Valley
Posted by on March 25, 2014
This is a quick summary of the T5 Uvas Canyon Camping Trip on 3/15 – 3/16/14.
A strong continent of 17 scouts and 7 adults enjoyed camping at the Uvas County Park.
We had a Group campsite for the troop and hence a large area to pitch the tents.
Thanks to recent rains, the Swanson Creek was flowing and we saw the waterfalls.
Brian Chan was the SPL with Michael Z and Sandeep helping as ASPLs for the trip.
On Saturday, we went on the hiked the waterfall loop and along the way several scouts identified the CA native plants.
The task was made bit easier by explicit signs along the trail.
Skylar entertained the scouts with his “pet” lizard that he caught in the campground.
Back at the campsite, the first-time cooking group leaders Anshul, Akitoshi, Peter along with Rohan did an excellent meal planning and had gourmet food for their team.
Brian Fong and Sam lead the delicious dinner for the adults.
After dinner, the scouts started campfire with supervision by Alex Frei. Many of the boys did the Scout Vespers.
Ryan shared his scary story to make it more interesting.
Parth and Vish provided great company at the campfire long after the rest of scouts went back to their tents.
On Sunday morning Colin and Peter started another campfire.  After the breakfast, Fred lead some of the scouts on the orienteering trip. Rest of the adults and the scouts, went on the 2.5 mile hike to Triple Falls.
It was first trip for the Max and he knew only Raj from school but he integrated well rest of the scouts.
Overall, the Uvas Canyon camping trip was fun experience for all the scouts and adults where we discovered a “hidden gem” in our backyard.
Best regards
-Sri & Thomas
ASMs for Uvas Camping

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